Dara Molloy is an experienced tour guide for Inis Mór.

His book Pocket Guide to Árainn is an inexpensive, handy and readable guide to the island.

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I am happy to accompany a group on a bus tour of the island. There is the standard bus tour, described below, and there are bus tours where you set your own agenda. It can be arranged, for example, to have a bus drop you at a certain location and let you walk back, or collect you later.

Bus Tours usually begin at the pier in Kilronan where the boats arrive. Buses can also be hired to pick a group up from anywhere on the island. These buses are of various sizes, from 8-seaters to 30 seaters.

I can assist you in hiring suitably sized buses.

The standard tour takes 2 - 3 hours. Buses take you from Kilronan back west through the island to Dun Aengus. Dun Aengus is a cliff fort and the most popular tourist attraction on the island. The group is then given whatever time they need to climb to Dun Aengus (a 20 minute walk), and possibly do some shopping, have some lunch.

Back on the bus, the group is then brought further west to The Seven Churches - a monastic site. As much time as is needed can be spent here. Buses then do a quick trip to the end of the island, and back to Kilronan.


  • Tour Guide: €35 (euros) per hour
  • Standard Bus Tour: €10 (euros) per person (payable to the driver)
    The bus price can be negotiated down for a group.)

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In reasonable weather and with people who are able for it, a bicycle tour of the island is the best way to see it. While there are some steep hills, the island is only 10 miles in length and is easily covered on a bicycle.

There are a number of bicycle hire companies in Kilronan and you can negotiate a good rate for your group. You can hire a bike just for the day, or you can arrange to keep it overnight or even for a few days.

If you hire me as your guide, I will cycle with you and will pre-arrange with you all the stops you want to make. With the bicycles, it is possible to stop at many places that a bus tour will not take you. It is also possible to travel the back road close to the cliffs, which is closed to all vehicles except tractors (and bicycles!).


  • Tour Guide: €35 (euros) per hour (negotiable).
  • Bicycles: €10 (euros) per day per person
    (The bicycle price can be negotiated down for a group)

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Inis Mór is ideal for walking. Everywhere there is a view. The island is criss-crossed with little roads and pathways that walkers can take but that are closed to vehicular traffic. On every route that one might choose, there are historical sites to be seen and visited.

If you are planning a walk on Inis Mór for a group, why not ask me to send you a copy of my book, Pocket Guide to Árainn? The book is divided into 10 chapters, and each chapter describes a 2 - 3 hour walk in a particular part of the island. This book will help you plan your walks.

For groups who only have one day for walking, and who may want to walk between 10 and 20 kilometres, I would recommend that, from the boat, we take a minibus to our starting point for the walk. The walk would then take us back to Kilronan in time for the evening boat.

On the west side of the island, the group could start walking at The Seven Churches (monastic site), or at Dun Aengus (ancient cliff fort). On the east side, the group could start walking at Iar Áirne and either walk the cliffs or the road.


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Photo: Heritage Centre on Inis Mór

If you would like an introductory talk or lecture on Inis Mór, I am happy to give it. This talk can be given:

  • at a restaurant during or after your meal
  • at your hotel, guest house or Bed and Breakfast

I can adapt the content of the talk to the group, keeping it light and entertaining, or making it more intellectually challenging. If the group has a specific interest, I will be happy to construct my talk around that theme.

For a group intending to spend a few days on Inis Mór, an introductory talk on the evening of your arrival is a good way to begin.

Price: €70 (euros). Negotiable.

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