Arriving at the Aran Islands

Travel to Inis Mór

  • By Boat. The majority of tourists travel to Inis Mór via boat from Rossaveel, 23 miles north of Galway City. The boat company is Aran Island Ferries. If a group are coming, ask for a group rate. They also have student rates, and people over 65 travel free. The sailings are daily all the year round on modern vessels that take up to 300 passengers. Cancellations due to weather are rare. It is also possible to sail to Inis Mór from Doolin, in Co. Clare. These sailings are erratic, less frequent, more expensive and in the summer months only.
  • By Plane. Aer Árann schedules daily flights to Inis Mór. This is a 9-seater plane that flies from Inverin, 20 miles north of Galway City. The flight takes 6 minutes.
  • From Shannon Airport: Enquire on arrival for bus to take you to Galway City. From there follow instructions below. Travel time to Galway city: 2 hours approx.
  • From Dublin Airport: City Link Bus Company will bring you from the Airport to Galway City. Departs from Coach Park at Dublin Airport. This is the cheapest way.
  • Via Ferry From UK: If you are coming by ferry from Wales or England, you must arrive in Dublin first and then travel by bus to Galway City, although there is a bus service that will bring you directly from London to Galway via ferry.
  • From Dublin City Centre: City Link (see above) also leaves from the quays in the city centre. It takes 2.5 hours to get to Galway.
  • Overnight in Galway: If you have to stay overnight in Galway, there are plenty of hostels. We recommend Kinlay House Hostel or Sleepzone both situated in the centre of Galway.
  • Bus From Galway City: To get to Inis Mor from Galway you must catch a bus and then the ferry. Ferry buses leaves from outside Kinlay House Hostel (off Eyre Square) each day at 9.15 am and 5.15 pm (winter schedule) and 9.15 am, 11.45 am and 5.15 pm (summer schedule). On Fridays the evening bus leaves at 5.45 pm). The ferry sails at 10.30 am 1.00 pm (summer only) and 6.30 pm (7 pm on Fridays) from Rossaveel. Ask for a student fare if you are a student. You buy the bus and boat ticket from an office across the road from Kinlay House, just off Eyre Square.
  • By Car or Private Bus from Galway City: A 23 mile drive along coast north of Galway city. Allow 1 hour 15 minutes. Journey through Salthill, Barna, Furbo, Spiddal, Inverin, to Rossaveel. You cannot bring your car to Inis Mór. Park it at Rossaveel. Parking is not free. Find the cheapest one - there are a few to choose from. Tickets for boat are available at base of pier.
  • From the Pier on Inis Mór: When you arrive on Inis Mor, ask a mini-bus driver to take you to An Charraig in Mainistir, or Killeany Lodge in Killeany. He will probably charge you 2-3 euro.
  • An Charraig: The bus will leave you at the top of a lane. If walking or cycling, head out of Kilronan village towards Dun Aengus, for 1.5 miles. At Jo Watty's pub keep to the high road. Take a turn right at a sign-post for Teampall Chiaráin. Take the lane downhill until you come to a thatched house on your right. That is it.
  • Killeany Lodge: The bus will bring you to the door. If walking or cycling, after passing Tigh Fitz Pub, the road takes a sharp turn to the left. At this turn, take the small lane to the right. Killeany Lodge is the last house at the top of the hill.

If lost, stuck or in trouble, phone An Charraig at 099-61245 or Killeany Lodge at 099-61393.

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